Getting involved

It is our view that all of those involved in partnering are resource providers, so we seek to develop this project as a dialogue between the many different kinds of resource providers that, between them, can make or break a partnership’s transformational potential and / or effectiveness.
In this context, funders or money providers require a sensitivity to how their contribution interplays and contributes with contributions of non-financial resources to progressing a partnership in terms of results.

This is why Funders as Partners is directed to:

  • Funders who see partnering as a means to increasing the effectiveness and impact of their funding
  • Funders who are themselves involved in collaborations with other funders or other multi-stakeholder partnerships and want to be more effective
  • Funders who see partnering as an investment opportunity, but are not clear on how to go about making effective investments that translate into social, environmental and economic benefits.
  • Funders who know they must do more in the partnering field (they know the why), but do not know how
  • Fund seekers and recipients involved in partnering and other forms
  • Partnership brokers working to ensure that multi-stakeholder cooperation reduces dependency and builds greater equity between all key players.

If you are a Funder, there are several ways of contributing:

  • Making available your experience with working more collaboratively through an example or story  or relevant research.
  • Making a financial contribution to PBA’s core costs of operating and developing the project further.
  • Participating in sense-making and experience sharing events and activities organized by the PBA and/or participating research to shape the initiative further
  • Co-creating initiatives, projects and programmes focused on specific thematic or geographical areas of interest with PBA’s global network of Associates and/or other funders participating in Funders as Partners
  • Other ways by mutual agreement.

The benefits of getting involved in the programme, include:

  • Receiving feedback and an independent external perspective on your collaborative performance and impact
  • Participation in project events and activities
  • Access to customized PBA support for your own operations, including training, mentoring and advisory services tailored to your own partnering needs that draw on PBA’s global network of Associates.
  • Discounts for participation in PBA’s ongoing brokering training and skills building activities for own staff and staff of partners to build-up in-house partnering expertise.
  • Engaging with other funders committed to operating more collaboratively and contributing to the development of more effective resourcing models and tools for multi-stakeholder partnering

To follow up and discuss how you and / or your organisation could become involved please contact:
Rafal Serafin – PBA Associate & Project Curator –

To comment or connect please email