It is our view that all of those involved in partnering are in some sense donors, so we seek to develop this project as a dialogue between the many different kinds of donors that, between them, can make or break a partnership’s transformational potential and / or effectiveness.

Working with Donors is directed to:

  • Donors who see partnering as a means to increasing the effectiveness and impact of their funding
  • Donors who are themselves involved in donor collaborations or other multi-stakeholder partnerships and want to be more effective
  • Donors who see partnering as an investment opportunity, but are not clear on how to go about making effective investments.
  • Donors who know they must do more in the partnering field (they know the why), but do not know how
  • Grant recipients involved in partnering and other forms
  • Those working to ensure that multi-stakeholder cooperation reduces dependency and builds greater equity between all key players.

To follow up and discuss how you and / or your organisation could become involved please contact:

Rafal Serafin – PBA Associate & Project Curator –

To comment or connect please email