Project launch – June 2017

After several months of planning and discussion, this exciting new initiative is ready to go! Positioned as an enquiry, and based on the principles of emerging new knowledge through exploration and dialogue, we believe that this fills a real gap in the world of development partnerships. The role of donors is clearly changing as partnering becomes more sophisticated and its emphasis on inclusion and horizontal accountability more accepted as the norm.

We believe that, since all partners contribute resources of one kind or another to a partnership, all partners are ‘donors’. However, not all external donors are partners – since most do not participate in the partnership on a day-to-day basis and therefore do not equally share risk and benefit (which is the dictionary definition of a partnership).

Having said that, it is the case that some external donors are taking a lead in working in new ways – and it is increasingly clear that there is a great deal they can do to support, promote and energise multi-stakeholder partnering as a delivery mechanism.

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