It is our view that all of those involved in partnering are in some sense donors, so we seek to develop this project as a dialogue between the many different kinds of donors that, between them, can make or break a partnership’s transformational potential and / or effectiveness.

We see involvement as coming from four distinct groups:

Individual practitioners

Change doesn’t happen by magic, it happens because individuals become challengers, champions of new ideas and / or agents of change. If you are one such person and are interested in taking forward our Working with Donors project, we are keen to hear from you…

Partnerships / consortia

There is a global movement towards building partnerships and other forms of networked collaboration (for example, consortia) whether at local, regional, national or international levels. Some of these initiatives are challenging and changing current development practices, including the working relationship between donors and partners. This is also a key issue in relocating the power for development and delivery of projects closer to where the need is. Change is tough, it can be frustratingly slow and sometimes uncomfortable, even painful. Willingness to re-think, to cross sectoral boundaries, to try doing things differently and just believing in there being a better way is just the start…

Donor organisations

We believe that external donors are well intentioned and want to spend / invest the money they have wisely and productively and that many will welcome the opportunity to explore their role in partnering as a paradigm. Some donors have already indicated that this is the case and we welcome open discussions with any donor organization – just contact us and we’ll follow up in whatever way you would prefer…

Individual donors

With the advent of crowd funding, impact investment and social media, we have, as individuals, unprecedented opportunities to become ‘external donors’. If you as an individual donor would like to do more, we want to hear from you…

To follow up and discuss how you and / or your organisation could become involved please contact:

Rafal Serafin – PBA Associate & Project Curator –

To comment or connect please email