Partnering and partnerships are popular themes in the literature concerning philanthropy, international aid, sustainable development, investment etc., especially as the ‘donor landscape’ appears to be rapidly changing with international and national donors cutting their spending and reframing their priorities, while private philanthropic donors are coming to play a more influential role in shaping the sustainable development agenda.

We have identified several reports and papers, which are especially relevant to the practical challenges facing:

  1. Partnership brokers working for or with donors to make investments in partnerships bring about more transformational results;
  2. Donors seeking to invest in building a collaborative capability at the local or ‘front-line’ level among those involved and affected;
  3. Donors seeking to collaborate with other donors especially across sectors (e.g. public and private)

PBA-related publications include:

Hundal, S. & Tennyson, R Shifting the Power – How can Working in Partnership Help? Published for the Global Summit on Community Philanthropy, Johannesburg, December 2016. Available from and

Stott, L. & Tennyson, R. The Necessity of Transformation: Emerging Partnership Lessons from Diverse Contexts (2016) Action research report prepared for the PEP (Promoting Effective Partnerships) Facility available from and from

Tennyson, R. Power & Politics – the Consortium-building Story Continues, (2015) Case study number 2 in the series commissioned and published by Start Network available from and

Additional references include:


  1. Lisa Doherty, Irish Aid, from Power & Politics – The Consortium-building Story Continues
  2. Marcia Dwonczyk, Accredited Partnership Broker & PBA Associate, quoted in Shifting the Power – How can Working in Partnership Help?
  3. This list was initially developed by PBA in its on-going evaluation of the work of the Global Alliance for Community Philanthropy (a collaboration of 6 US-based donors). It was subsequently published in Shifting the Power – How can Working in Partnership Help?

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